Meet Denisa & Valentin.

Born from a Love Story.

Casa Paradis is the result of a love story that began 5 years ago in the Middle East. The owners and creators – Denisa and Valentin – met on a beach in Dubai and have been inseparable ever since.

Denisa comes from a family of hoteliers & restaurateurs and has spent 20 years working in hospitality in Florence, Tuscany and Dubai. Her passion for la dolce vita has developed early in life as she focussed on evolving her culinary skills, strongly influenced by the flavours of the Mediterranean.  Growing up in her grandmother’s kitchen and garden, she stays true to her culture using only ultimately fresh, home grown or organic produce.

Valentin comes from a similar background. Growing up in the Provence, his father owned a restaurant where he started organizing sophisticated week-end parties and cocktail events. He then continued to develop his skills as restaurateur & sommelier in some of the most prestigious establishments in Nice and Monte Carlo.

Soon learning that he was hungry for more, he left France for Dubai and opened his own business supplying selected French cosmetics to Spas & Beauty salons across the Middle East. Entrepreneurship suited him well and he grew a successful business, which has been operating for 25 years.

Valentin’s Iranian roots show in his love for intricate craftmanship. As a blessing of luck and prosperity, his grandparents have given him the beautifully handcrafted doors you find at Casa Paradis. The doors as a symbol for a journey, for growth and for opportunity.

Sharing the same vision of opening a restaurant & boutique hotel as a result of their years of experience, Denisa and Valentin travelled the world together to find the perfect location for their mutual dream. In 2018, their journey brought them to Jambiani Beach in Zanzibar and just like when they first met – it was love at first sight. Casa Paradis became a dream come true.

Just like the doors, every piece that Casa Paradis is made from has a story: the Persian carpets from Iran, the pillows from Syria, the handmade glassware from Tehran, NŌBĪS chandelier from an art museum in Dubai and the carefully selected, artisan collection of ornate art pieces from our travels around the world.

Experience something magical. We invite you to share our perfect piece of paradise! Let us spoil you.

Dining Hours

Dinner only: 6.30pm – 9pm.

Reservation required.

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